Our new awards aim to celebrate, inspire and promote excellence. Launched as part of our work to commemorate our 20th anniversary, we aim to make our awards inclusive of all members, in any role and at any stage of their career.

Here at UMHAN we are constantly blown away by the amazing work of our members, and feel this needs to be more widely celebrated.

All winners will receive a certificate and a £50 voucher of their choice!

Award categories

We invite colleagues, line managers, senior managers, collaborators, partners and students to take this opportunity to recognise outstanding practice in a number of categories.

The categories aim to further our vision for students with Mental Health Conditions to be supported by well-trained, knowledgeable and professional practitioners, and reflect our core values.


Nominees must be current members of UMHAN. 

Good clinical governance award

Using our Clinical Governance guidance for reference, nominations are open for members who have developed or maintained good clinical governance.

We are looking for examples of where the nominee has maintained safe and professional boundaries in challenging situations.

Rising star - new Student Mental Health Practitioner 

For any Accredited Practitioner member working in the role for less than 2 years, and demonstrating a passion for student mental health.

For example, this may be related to a compassionate approach to students, involvement in service development, introducing new insights or approaches.

Lifetime Contribution

For members who have been working in the field for 10+ years and displayed a commitment to the aims and ethos of UMHAN. For more information about our aims, please see our webpage.

Please include examples of how the nominee has worked to ensure people with mental health conditions can fairly access and thrive in education.

Community Wellbeing award

For members who support others wellbeing at work, either within their own team, through peer support or the wider workplace.

We welcome nominations from all members of the education community - please tell us how the nominee has had a positive effect on either you or the wider community you work in. This might be a university, college or school, an agency or UMHAN itself!

Embedding student mental health across institution

For sustained work in embedding student mental health within an education institution. 

This award acknowledges the ongoing work by our members in this area. It is unlikely to be awarded for work on a single project without clear demonstration of how this has become continued practice.

Sustainable and Collaborative working

An award to recognise internal or external collaboration and partnership working, which has a positive impact on service delivery in practice and student mental health.

Examples include work with academic departments, researchers, other student services teams, NHS, statutory services e.g. safeguarding or suicide prevention boards. 

This includes research projects which have led to sustainable outcomes for service delivery.

We welcome nominations from colleagues and external partners.

Professional Practice award

Using our Capability & Conduct Framework as a guide, with examples of demonstrating good practice across a minimum of 3 areas. Nominations for Accredited Practitioners only.

This should include practical examples of how the nominee has demonstrated good practice in these areas. 

This might include examples of promoting mental health literacy, working with specific cohorts of students, or mentoring a new member of staff.

Outstanding student support

This award is open for nominations from students and employers, to recognise an individual who has made a lasting and positive impact on individuals’ mental health.

If possible, please give tangible examples of how the nominee has made a positive impact - this may be because of personal qualities, their interactions with you or other students, or specific action they have taken.

Outstanding contribution to UMHAN

For any member who participates in making UMHAN a successful organisation.

This might be contributions in meetings, forum, working groups, promoting our work externally etc. Nomination must be by another UMHAN member.

Key dates

  • Closing date midnight on 30th June
  • Awards announced at UMHAN's AGM on 11th September

How to nominate someone

Please follow the link below to our nomination form. You will be able to edit your nomination any time up until the closing date. This won't take long, and you don't have to complete everything - we know time is precious!

You will need to complete this form again if you wish to nominate the same or different people for multiple awards.

Nominees must be current members of UMHAN.

Nominate here!

How to check someone is a member of UMHAN

Our members are listed on our Public Register.


If you are are unsure if someone is a member or not, please submit a query by email.

Email query

Please help us to spread to word! 

Below you will find resources to help spread the word.

We have posters that can be downloaded for display in appropriate spaces around your university.

We also have an image for your email signature, to which a link can be added to bring the recipient to this webpage. (Instructions for how to do this can be found here for Outlook or here for Gmail.)

We also have social posts that we'd love you to share to encourage your connections to nominate. 

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