What is UMHAN?

The University Mental Health Advisers Network (UMHAN) is a national UK charity, with over 20 years experience in student mental health. We are a network of mental health specialists working in education. Our members are dedicated to, and have a practical role in, providing support to students with long term mental health conditions.

UMHAN aims to articulate the practical and strategic benefits of the specialist roles we represent, and seeks to disseminate this information and guidance for best practice across the sector.

UMHAN aims to promote the health and citizenship of people with mental health conditions in education and advocate to relevant bodies to promote the rights and interests of students with mental health conditions. Our campaigns and collaborative work help us to achieve these aims.

Our aims

As a registered charity, our aims are formalised in our Constitution, which is our governing document. These aims are then reviewed on an ongoing basis, and detailed in our strategy documents. 

Policy Development

Influence policy development in the fields of Education, Mental Health, Disability, and beyond, to proportionately and accurately represent the needs and interests of people with mental health conditions.

  • To advocate for people with mental health conditions through active participation in media communications, consultations, and discussions across the Education, Mental Health, and Disability sectors.
  • To respond to opportunities to liaise with relevant organisations and contribute to initiatives, working groups, conferences, and training.
  • To ensure discourse reaches beyond the Education, Mental Health, and Disability sectors, working with the Government on identified areas of concern.

Tools and Support

Ensure mental health support staff working in education are equipped with the tools, support, and empowerment to best support students, and ensure national representation to influence the sector for good.

  • To facilitate online and in person opportunities for the sharing of best practice, collaboration, and peer education.
  • To ensure that members of UMHAN are kept up to date with key information about current policy and disability rights and equipped to apply this knowledge in their work.
  • To develop and grow our membership to provide an active forum of support across the UK.

Removing Barriers

Remove the barriers to the full participation of people with mental health conditions in higher education and beyond, encouraging the development of a culture in which people with mental health conditions studying in higher education is a mainstream notion.

  • To raise awareness of mental health inequality and reduce stigma surrounding mental health conditions via local and national initiatives, training programmes, and campaigns.
  • To improve inclusivity in Higher Education, and promote excellence in the quality of support services provided, for students with mental health conditions.
  • To encourage and support UMHAN members to be actively involved in disseminating key messages about mental health conditions in HE and society generally. 
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