Our blog post this week is by a student who had very different experiences of support at Uni. Some students with Mental Health Conditions find that studying at a small institution - where everyone knows each other - has real benefits.

You can read more about how to choose the right place for you using the link below.

Choosing the right place for you

Hi, my name's Taylor Jones. I am 23 and currently in my final few months at University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) studying Football Business and Marketing.

I’ve tried dancing with the University devil before, the first time on my own – the second, armed with a team at UCFB.

At my first university I made it 3 months, before having to drop out at Christmas. I felt the world was against me for those 3 months. Those 3 months felt like 3 years. I used to uncontrollably shake and throw up in the morning, I use to have panic attacks on the train, and I used to stand outside the building walking round in circles until I could pluck up enough courage to walk through the doors. Most of my time there I felt overwhelmed and out of place, I often had to leave early and make up excuses every time I didn’t want to go in. How could I be educated in a place I felt so small.

I went to the student services and counselling team to ask for some support, they told me they couldn’t help and that I would be ‘fine’ once I settle in… that’s when I knew I had to leave. I needed to protect my health.

Summer came around and I knew it was time to get back into education – and that’s when I saw UCFB. Their Football Marketing and Business course appealed to me as a way of studying my two passions in life.

Upon enrolment, I received an email from a member of the student services team asking me if I wanted to come for a meeting to discuss any requirements or needs, I may have going into September. 

We discussed my previous experiences of university and the different support options available. We discussed a taxi service, so I didn’t have to get public transport, I had lecture slides and resources available for when I didn’t feel well enough to come in – I wasn’t missing out on my education. I was offered a support buddy to help me settle in. Frequent check ups both face to face and phone calls, and it was stressed to me that if I needed support, they would be there to help in any way.

Admittedly, I didn’t need all this support as I felt at immediate ease the first I took at the Etihad campus. But for me, knowing the support was there was the most important thing. 

Throughout my 3 years, I was faced with situations that I never thought I would be able to handle, but when I needed it, UCFB gave me time, offered their support and now I am three months off finishing my degree. 

It’s not just the support team that have helped me throughout my journey, my lecturers have been great, and I’ve met an amazing group of friends who have shown nothing but support throughout my time there. I owe them all a great deal and I hope they go on to have amazing careers.

I was made to feel at ease in an educational world I didn’t know I would ever be ready for. 

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