NIMHE Mental Health Questionnaire 1.doc
A questionaire for students on the topic of what they consider mental health to be. 

Budgeting and Finance

Budget per day.doc
A table outlining how much money can be saved over time by saving money daily.

Case Formulation

Case Formulation.doc
A form for tackling and understanding drug use, its factors, and a treatment plan. 

Case Formulation Sheet.doc
A simple case formulation sheet: vulnerability factors, triggers, beliefs, critical incidents.
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Initial Assessment Forms

Initial Assessment and Needs Assessment Review Form
A form for initial assessments for staff to use with students.

Mood Diary

Mood Diary.doc
A worksheet for students rating their mood on a scale each day and listing positives and negatives.  

Negative Core Beliefs

Adjusting Negative Core Beliefs Worksheet.doc
A worksheet for students to help students adjust negative beliefs.


NASMHPD Information for Providers
A webpage with links to factsheets and on dealing with psychosis.

Self Harm

Self Harm Urges Sheet .doc
A worksheet for students in which students list their trigger events and assess their emotions in the situation and reactions.

Self Harm Cycle.doc
A worksheet for students presenting self harm as a cycle that occurs in steps, encouraging them to break down recent situations they have faced and understand it in terms of the cycle.


Good Sleep Habits.doc
A list of tips for sleeping well, for distribution to students.

Social Media

A Powerpoint presentation for a workshop for students on tackling procrastination.

A file of case studies for discussion on how to improve productivity.
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Substance Abuse

Severity of Dependence Scale.doc
A questionnaire for staff to use with students, scoring drug dependence and assessing severe substance misuse.
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Transition Needs Assessment

Transition Needs Assessment Form.doc
A needs assessment form for staff to use with students assessing a student's needs when transitioning for example leaving university.

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