Peer Support Groups

General MH support

New Normal

  • The New Normal runs group sessions that aim to help those who are grieving and those who are experiencing mental health difficulties.
  • E.g. 'Queer Good Grief'- LGBTQ+ group for those grieving and 'Black & Brown Good Grief'- POC group for those grieving. 

New Normal event page

Hope and Me

  • This is a charity that aims to reach out to those who are struggling with different mood disorders e.g. depression and anxiety.
  • Their new support group focuses on those who are struggling with their relationship with food and body image.

Hope and Me event page

Mental Health Mates

  • Run local walking groups across the UK for those who are struggling with mental illness.
  • If you feel up to it, you could even contact them to start your own one in your area!

Mental Health Mates walking page

ReThink Mental Illness

  • This charity recommends the website listed below. 
  • It is a way to connect with others online (usually young adults/students) who are also experiencing mental illness.
  • Can share your own thoughts and other useful tips and information on the website.
  • Easily accessible and can be less daunting than entering a Zoom call!

Clic Website

Student Minds

  • Student Minds have hundreds of different Peer Support Groups across their UK universities. 
  • There is a link below with all the Universities that have Peer Support Groups with Student Minds.
  • Although they are not running as normal (face to face) at the moment many groups are still doing sessions online. 

Student Minds Support Groups


  • 'Mind' is a longstanding Mental Health charity that works to support those struggling with Mental Health across the UK.
  • They have a list of resources in their peer support directory' for groups in different areas of the UK.
  • A very useful tool to start off if you are unsure where to look.

Mind Peer Support directory


  • Nightline is a service that is run by University students for students. 
  • The volunteers are there to answer calls, texts and emails about anything you may be worried about.
  • They are there to offer advice or even just to listen.
  • Click the link below to see if there is a Nightline service at your University.

Nightline search engine

Condition Specific Support

OCD action

  • This is a charity that works to help those suffering from OCD.
  • There are different peer support groups for the different subtypes of OCD.

OCD Action event page


  • 'Beat' is a charity that works to assist those suffering from eating disorders. They have a peer support chat room called 'The Sanctuary' which is there to support those who have anxieties caused by COVID and who have experienced/ are experiencing eating disorders. 

Sanctuary page

Bipolar UK

  • Bipolar UK offers practical information, advice and support by phone and email.
  • They can talk through any issues and also share their own experiences with you and how they cope with things. 
  • Below is a link to how you can book a call or email and other resources on their website.

Bipolar UK peer support group


  • OCD UK is a charity that is run by and for people with lived OCD and try to support them and give them resources to cope. 
  • They have been running Zoom support groups weekly throughout the pandemic via Zoom. 
  • Below is a link to the list of meetings and how to register to attend one. 

OCD UK Peer Support Groups

Battle Scars

  • This is a charity based in Leeds which aims to help those who have self-harmed in the past or who are still self-harming. 
  • They run peer support groups on Zoom every 4 weeks.
  • Below is a link to the different support groups they are running over the next two weeks.

Battle Scars Peer Support schedule

First Steps ED

  • This is a charity that aims to support all those affected by eating disorders or difficulties, including parents and carers
  • They offer an all-ages support group with different topics every week and you can sign up via their website/digital hub.

First Steps Digital Hub

Twitter hashtags

A few years Mind created a list of Mental Health hashtags, which help to bring together conversations around particular topics and share experiences. Please be aware that some of the posts may be triggering.

MH Hashtags

Since this list was written, there are many more: #HowIFightDepression, #OCDTalkHour (every Wednesday 7pm UK time). 

Please drop us a line if you can recommend any. 

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