Our Board of Trustees is made up of a group of people with a broad range of skills and experience. Some have particular expertise in student mental health, but we also have a wide range of finance, legal, management and policy-making skills. We are continuously grateful for the time, knowledge and experience they share with us. 

Trustees are recruited by the Board, but are then elected in by our voting members. 


Anna Matthews (she/her)

Anna trained as a psychotherapist and is now the Director of the University Mentoring Organisation (UMO). 

How do you look after your mental health?

To look after my mental health I regularly run and undertake group sports. I really enjoy the engagement with others and the chance to take a break from work and general life commitments as both keep me focussed in the moment. 

I also enjoy spending time with my young family as well as my friends and as much as possible, I plan ahead so that I have breaks to look forward to.


Andrew Plumtree (he/him)

Andrew is a qualified accountant with a background in mental health policy and is currently an Associate Director in healthcare advisory at Grant Thornton.

How do you look after your mental health?

I try and prioritise the things that make me happy; spending time with friends, listening to music, going to the theatre or reading a good book. I also try to recognise when my well-being isn’t where I’d like to be and take some small steps to improve it; which most likely includes a brisk walk, getting an early night, or seeking help from a friend or work colleague.


Lydia Pell (she/her)

After training as an Art Psychotherapist and a career in student mental health in HE, Lydia is now studying for a PhD and providing supervision and consultancy

How do you look after your mental health?

I use a trial and error approach to looking after my mental health. I find that some things that used to help aren't always useful in different situations. 

I try to keep a clear separation between work time and home time, and keep set times to respond to emails, and other time that is for family time.

This year I moved to a much more rural location, and so I get to see green hills every day, and cows and sheep. This really helps, particularly on days when the sky is blue. On the grey miserable days I may still layer up and plant some trees, or may choose to put the fire on and read a book for my down time. I practice self compassion, and trying to not compare myself to others, but to be pleased with the achievements I have, and to make sure I have time in my week that is spent with people I love, but also I have some time to myself when I am not having to prioritise others needs. This can be very difficult, but really important when in a helping profession. I also have people around me who remind me to do the above if I am feeling a bit stressed, or have a lot on. These are often people who I do the same for, so we are all a great support to each other. 

I am very lucky that in the last year I have been able to start my own private practice alongside studying, and both of these are really enjoyable and keep me learning, and thinking, and connecting with others. These things have always tended to help keep my mental health in a good place.

I also don't drink coffee after lunch time to make sure I get a good night sleep. This is hard because I love coffee, so I make sure I savor the first one of the day.


Hannah Abrahams (she/her)


Hannah Wilson (she/her)

Interested in becoming a Trustee?

For general information about becoming any charity's Trustee Getting On Board has a range of useful resources and events. 

When we are actively recruiting for Trustees, we will advertise widely, including on our social media and in our newsletter. However, we are always happy to hear from you if you think this is something you might be interested in!

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