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Rachel Spacey and Sam Gamblin wrote a blog for HEPI, an independent Higher Education think tank, to coincide with University Mental Health Day on March 14, 2024.  

Rachel and Sam describe UMHAN's #IChoseToDisclose campaign in detail. This is UMHAN's drive to encourage students to share information about their mental health condition with their education provider, whether that’s when they apply to university or once they’re at university. The main purpose of encouraging disclosure of mental health conditions (and other disabilities) is to ensure that students are able to access additional support to which they may be entitled while studying.

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Sam Gamblin and Rachel Spacey of UMHAN discuss the role of, and pressures on, mental health advisers and mentors in universities in an article published in WONKHE in 2023: 'Mental health advisors are the jam in the sandwich'. 

WONKHE (pronounced wonk-y) is a Higher Education blog for those who work in the HE sector and like to write, read and discuss everything HE. 

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Sam Gamblin, UMHAN Charity Manager wrote an article for NASEN - the National Association for Special Educational Needs. NASEN is the UK's leading organisation which aims to promote the education, training, advancement and development of all those with special and additional support needs. 

Sam wrote about the key areas for schools, SENCOs, parents and carers to be aware of when it comes to student anxiety and mental health, and the support available to students. 

Published in January 2022 in NASEN's quarterly magazine, Connect. 

Mind the gap NASEN connect 2022

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