#IChoseToDisclose - 1

“I had these depressive moods when I was a teenager. It was relationship related, studies related, it was future related, it was all together. 

#IChoseToDisclose -2

"I used the university mental health services only in my final year - I attended four counselling sessions when I was struggling with trauma, anxiety and overthinking. 

#IChoseToDisclose - 3

"I tend to keep my feelings to myself, even from my best friends. I don’t think I need to express everything. If I know what’s wrong with me, I can resolve it by myself."

#IChoseToDisclose - 4

"My biggest struggle right now would be meeting expectations. I worked for three different companies before, and I am not even that old. "

#IChoseToDisclose - 5

"At first I struggled a lot being an overseas student, but once I started making friends and building a support system I loved it."

#IChoseToDisclose - 6

"Doing research definitely involves a lot of ups and downs, because sometimes things work and you’re quite happy, you get results for what you did. Other times, things don’t work for quite a long time and you get kind of depressed, but I like what I do, I like to learn new things, I am curious, and the thing I am researching is what I am interested in. I think there’s no bigger motivation than being interested in something."

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